As dawn breaks, the first bird calls awaken you to a new day at Palpatha Eco Safari Lodge. The leaves of the Tamarind tree, rustle softly in the breeze as dew drops glisten on the grass. Nestled in the village of Dunguswewa, fifteen minutes away from the Wilpattu National Park in Sri Lanka and just a few hours’ drive from Colombo and only a hour from Anuradhapura or Kalpitiya, Palpatha is the ideal location for a quiet vacation where you can enjoy quality time with your friends and family.

  • Palpatha Eco Safari LodgeA True Sri Lankan Village and Eco experince
  • Kumbuk Chalet..ideal for a couple
  • Andara Chalet...great for a small family of three
  • Kohomba Chalet...private, premium family lodging
  • Siyambala Tentfor those who want to experience camping in luxury
  • River Safaria great way to see birds
  • Supporting the communityaround us
  • Wilpattu National Park SafariGet on board for an exciting tour of Wilpattu National Park
  • Butterflies galoreA Carborn Neutral and Boideversity Consious Certified Eco Property
  • ...Potter at worktake a short walk to the village potter and give it go!
  • Wine & Dine
  • Fresh fruits to start your dayOrganically grown on Palpatha Property
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  • Wondrous and beautiful environment
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Palpatha is an Eco Property, which strives to give its guests the true feeling and experience of a typical village life with a few embellishments. A fresh cup of kola kenda(a juice made of fresh green leaves) with a piece of jaggery(palm sugar), helps you start off the day with energy and vigor. All meals comprise authentic Sri Lankan village cooking with fresh produce. You may also try our delicious ‘wew malu’ (tank/river fish) fried or cooked.

It is a beautiful location to appreciate nature with some creature comforts that will make your stay quite pleasant. Located few kilometres from Wilpattu National Park in small village of the main highway it is a perfect base camp for one’s eco adventure. There is a variety of wild life that can be observed, together with some splendid bird sightings; peace and quiet to meditate; or one can even go fishing on the banks of the Kala Oya or could also go for a river safari where a large number bird species have been recorded.

The Tents and chalets are based Eco concepts and strive to provide the guest with the basic amenities, but accommodating your every need. Whether you are a wildlife fanatic or just enjoys nature, Palpatha offers you peaceful and serene environment conducive for your every need. With warm friendly staff who will not only make you feel at home, but also give you great insight to the village around Palpatha. There many activities one engage in; from Safari Park drives, Bird Safari’s to village walks, Palpatha will organise Safari jeeps and guides. Or, if it’s just some quiet time you are longing for; away from the hustle and bustle of your hectic life, Palpatha is the place for you. The star filled night sky, never fails to relax the soul. It is a perfect locations to take a leisurely walk in the village will take you to a local potter’s home, where you could have a hands on experience in moulding your own clay pot..